What is “The Message”?

The Message magazine is a non – profitable Islamic publication, which strives to inform Muslim and non-Muslims within our community about the practices and values of our religion. It also provides useful answers to youths who are struggling to form an Islamic identity in a westernised country by providing them with the necessary channels to ask significant members of the Islamic community questions which in turn provide them with the necessary means to make informed decisions. The Message emphasises the importance of knowledge and peace within our community and promotes friendships among people of all creeds. We believe it is essential to build bridges within the Muslim and with other non-Muslim communities through the establishment of mutual respect, understanding and education. The magazine thus attempts to serve as a medium to achieve these objectives and to endorse working together to help foster harmony within our community

Magazine History
The Message was established in 2002. It was black and white roughly 16 pages of editorial with 70 copies printed.
Through dedication of our staff and demand from our loyal readers we have now grown into a 28 page full colour gloss magazine with a circulation of 7000 copies.

Readership Demographics
| Age: 18-25 | Gender: 54%male 46% Female | Income: 0 to 28k | Occupation: Student, entry-level retail staff | Marital status: single |

Why We Need Your Help
We simply do not have enough funding to satisfy our demand. Due to our ever-increasing readership 7000 copies are no longer sufficient.
It have been calculated that we need to increase our circulation by at least 2000 copies in order to sustain growth and reach our readers who constantly miss out due to lack of circulation.

How You Can Help
Donations can be made to UMA Incorporated
Commonwealth Bank
BSB No: 062 000
Account No: 1116 6467

Staff Behind “The Message

Co-editors Design  Marketing/Business Sponsorship Website 
Mohammed Adra
Hesham Mourad
Rabi MousSawel
Kamal Saleh
Ronnie Mikati
Manal Mikati
Abdelrahman Dannoun
– ANCS –

Final Comments

On behalf of the team at The Message magazine we thank our readers for their continued support and patience. We sincerely hope that with time, perseverance and continued commitment, we can Insha'Allah continue to better serve our community.