February 2nd, 2012

Download the new ‘iIslam’ Issue

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Written by: moeadra
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iIslam frnt cover


The latest issue of the 'Message Magazine' is finally here!
Not much is said about Islam and technology in the contemporary sense. Well, this issue will try and change all that.The new issue will explore a range of topics on “Islam and the Internet”.
These include:
• Da`wah in the Age of iPhones
• The Fiqh of Facebook
• Pursuing Islamic Knowledge Online
• Avoiding the Social Ills that Pervade the Net
• Shaykh Google
• Spiritual Purificationfor the Muslim Blogger
• Living in the iWorld
• And much more


Download the issue here…

iIslam Issue


Want a hardcopy? Receive the next 4 issues for $25 (within Australia) and $35 (international).



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